Using Diary Studies To Understand Child Protection Workers

Diaries of child protection workers

As part of our design research work, the ChildStory team are undertaking diary studies with child protection workers.

Diary studies are a design research method used to inspire the design process.

They aim to elicit inspirational responses from child protection workers about their lives, thoughts and values through creative methods.

We are conducting research in lots of different ways, and this type of study will help us understand the views and ideas of a broad set of child protection workers.

Some of the things FACS child protection workers would like:

making searching for child’s records easier and faster
auto-populated forms and not having to re-enter data multiple times
an easy and quick way to see a child’s history.

Some of the frustrations reported by FACS staff include:

it is hard to add email data to case records
FACS workers can’t see child histories or add case notes from the road
preparing documents for courts is too time consuming.

If you would like more information about our diary studies or any other part of the ChildStory project, you can get in touch with us here.