The Resource Management Dashboard

A smiling Resource Management userOne of the ChildStory solutions, the Resource Management Dashboard will be live in seven FACS districts by the end of the year.

The dashboard gives a local community services centre (CSC) a holistic view of the workload for their office.

It is a significant time saver. It reduces all the spreadsheets, whiteboards, paper notes and information held in the heads of key people to an easy to access and understand dashboard that can be accessed on your PC or tablet.

Co-Designed By Our Staff

The dashboard has been co-designed from the beginning, with our frontline staff telling us there was a real need for a ChildStory solution that could do the following:

Give a holistic view of workload across the CSC to help with workload planning, practice support, and prioritization

A tool to reduce time spent on administration searching/referencing multiple spreadsheets and reports

A way to proactively support the team to meet child protection assessment timeframes

A tool to help with meeting and maintaining the out of home care accreditation goals

A way to proactively support out of home care teams to meet good practice principles and support families and carers

The dashboard will allow the management team to review casework progress in a timely manner, support caseworkers to achieve good quality casework and provide an effective system to support the CSC to see as many families as possible to assist families affect change. This has been all possible through the view of this new and innovative IT dashboard.

– Tamara Trembath, Manager Client Services Shellharbour CSC

Seven Districts So Far

The Dashboard had a successful pilot in the Strawberry Hills CSC in late September, with the Auburn CSC joining up shortly after that.

By the end of 2015, the districts of Illawarra Shoalhaven, Western Sydney, Sydney, Western NSW, Northern NSW, Nepean Blue Mountains and parts of South Western Sydney will all be using the dashboard.

And in the first quarter of 2016, the Resource Management Dashboard will be available to every district in the state!

The overwhelming feedback is of enthusiasm and excitement. Users genuinely believe the tool will help them in their day to day working lives providing clarity of workload across teams as well as enabling staff to meet their face-to-face statewide measures, SARA & OOHC accreditation objectives.
ChildStory have listened to us and delivered a tool that will really help us in practice, I love it.

– David Gosling, Penrith Acting Manager Client Services
This is the second ChildStory solution to be successfully implemented and extended statewide, alongside Patchwork.

If you want to start using the Resource Management Dashboard, get in touch with us here.


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