Week 1

FacsCollageThis is our first week where the technology providers chosen by our frontline staff are in the building, working alongside our ChildStory team.

We have been working with you to design technology that improves the lives of children and young people for over a year, and that work has got us to this point.

The ChildStory team have enjoyed working with our clients, staff and partners from the very beginning. And that won’t stop!

Today all the ideas, prototypes, interviews and workshops that led us here start to become real.

From today what we make, test and prototype will be with the real technology, with the real workflow.

Salesforce, EYC3 and Squiz will work with the ChildStory team for about 12 weeks to plan and design how the technology will be used and implemented for everyone in our organisation and our partners.

Now that our preferred vendors have been selected, we can show you more detailed photos of the future solutions.

Each shortlisted vendor and their team showed the evaluation team what they could produce, so these photos (and the tech that they represent) aren’t the end product, just a good indication of what they can do to provide you with better tech to support your practice. Below is an example of a way that you might see information about a child in a search!

ChildStory Squiz Screenshot Dec 2015

What happens next

Today is an exciting milestone in the ChildStory program, but there is a lot to do between now and late next year when the first pilot sites will have major ChildStory solutions to use.

Over the next three months, the ChildStory team will work with lead sites to develop implementation plans and design more of the solutions.

By April 2016, the ChildStory team will have visited every district so they can hear first-hand about the new solutions and ask questions to help us get you ready.

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Patchwork and the Resource Management Dashboard are two ChildStory solutions that have been piloted and rolled out statewide.


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