Search that works

Ask anyone for the most challenging part of our current child protection technology and it won’t be long before you hear the word search.  ‘Difficult to use’, ‘unintuitive’ or ‘unreliable and incomplete’ are just some of the words that you might hear describing the current experience.  Yet building a search capability that works across multiple complex information sources, to suit a wide range of search types and an even broader range of individual needs and styles is a bit of a challenge.

Right now it’s the challenge that the ChildStory team, including our technology vendors, are working through. Guided by the big question – how do we create a user centric search experience – the team is working to design and develop functionality that works across a range of devices and device types, works in the office and in the field, is adaptive to the type of information it is providing, can filter results based on location, can tailor results to the role of the individual and their permissions to access information and understands the relationship between different data sources so it can provide the full range of information relevant to a query.

What all this adds up to is a search system that allows our caseworkers to easily navigate huge volumes of information easily and quickly so that they can make the best decisions and support children and their families. The images below demonstrate some of the early concepts that the team are developing to bring these ideas to life.

Caller info (Large)

Dynamic search will help our people get to the right information quickly and accurately

View Relationships (Large)

Relationship linking will help our people to easily find and record related information

Map view (Large)

Using geolocation tools we can connect children and young people with services in their area



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