ChildStory implementation dates

ChildStory is on track for implementation throughout NSW in 2017.

The ChildStory IT system will be introduced to the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) districts and state-wide services, including the Child Protection Helpline, over a five-week period in October–November 2017. E-reporting for mandatory reporters will also become functional through the Reporter Community at this time.

ChildStory’s Partner Community will be introduced to non-government child protection service providers, police, and the health and education sectors in early 2018. It will replace the Contracting Portal for all service providers with some additional functionality for out-of-home care service providers and targeted services (Brighter Futures, Youth Hope, Intensive Family Preservation and Intensive Family Based Services).

Other functionality to come on board in early 2018 includes:

  • a mobile application for FACS caseworkers
  • interactivity for young people through YOU
  • interactivity for family and carers through the Caring Community.

The timing is later than previously predicted but this will ensure the system is the best it can be, including rigorous testing, before caseworkers start using it. Child protection work is critical to the lives of children at risk of significant harm, so we need to make sure any new system is robust before it is implemented.

At the same time as the ChildStory IT system is being built, we will continue our awareness briefings with FACS staff, non-government service providers and other government agencies. These briefings will become a series of ChildStory training experiences in the run up to implementation.

There will be dedicated support services for ChildStory from implementation.

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  1. William Van Trump 23/05/2017 at 11:43 am #


    I’m a manager casework at St Mary’s Child Protection. I am very eager about Child Story.

    I’m hopeful that I can have a conversation with someone to talk about child story.

    I’m currently sitting in a managers meeting and we are talking about creating an exel spreadsheet that details carers pools compliance checks dates. In brief when children are in care and the carer has a pool they need a council clearance that lasts approx 5 years. And so you can imagine having something in kids to inform the caseworker when pool compliance ends would be very

    Thank you

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