Life Plan

The Life Plan

Young people are often anxious when leaving care. The planning process happens too late, they may have been disengaged from the planning process and may not remember what was in their plan.

Leaving care planning can feel more like a FACS caseworker ticking a box rather than a process to prepare young people with the life skills they need when leaving care.

Engaging young people in the planning process and beginning this process early is important.  'My Plan' is a child or young person's version of their case plan. My Plan evolves into Life Plan when the young person turns 15 – it is specifically related to leaving care. A young person's Life Plan will sit within YOU and assist them to build the skills they need to transition to life post-care.

The images on the right shows how the Life Plan tool works.

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Leaving care is one of the biggest challenges that young peple in care will face


Who is it for & how does it help?



  • Helps understand the life skills needed post-care
  • Co-create a Life Plan with their carers and caseworker
  • Develop objectives and tasks relating to the life skills they need to develop
  • Track progress against objectives and tasks





  • Identifies gaps in life skills for young people leaving care
  • Sets objectives and tasks to help guide the young person to develop these life skills
  • Able to track achievements against planned objectives



  • Understand the gaps in the young person's current life skills
  • Support young people to complete their objectives and tasks
  • Support young people in building life skills
  • Support young people to co-create their Life Plans