My Organiser

My Organiser

Caseworkers, managers and directors need to organise their day, discuss matters relating to cases, and work to the current practice policies and guidelines.

By empowering workers to improve efficiency, they can be better supported to spend their time where it matters most.

My Organiser will enable workers to manage their tasks and time better, so they can spend more time with families thereby creating better outcomes. My Organiser will provide a dashboard including their to do list, current status, progress and reports on their caseload. My Organiser enables caseworkers to view notifications about their cases when out in the field.
The images on the right shows how My Organiser works.

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Who is it for & how does it help?



  • Their caseworker will have more time to spend working directly with them
  • They can see what their caseworker is working on for them





  • A personal assistant style dashboard to organise the day using calendars and alerts
  • Able to view a snapshot of each case through the case status summary, which can help caseworkers be clear about what needs to be done
  • Up-to-date policies and procedures



  • Able to see live data about their team's caseload
  • Access to resource management
  • Aids workflow management and assists with reporting tasks
  • Provides access to applications that support casework, policy updates and business news