YOU website

YOU website

YOU is the website that will provide a secure interactive space for a child or young person. It will enable a better sense of the child or young person's ‘pulse’ (through age-appropriate content), as well as guiding them through the process of developing life skills in preparation for leaving and after care. It will also support interactive case planning, the capture of their Life Story (digital suitcase) as well as social media tools for interaction.

Life Story is a therapeutic tool that details the stories and milestones for children or young people in out-of-home care. It allows them to participate in planning, provide a lifetime view of their story and enables them to add photos, videos and documents to keep forever, which mark milestones in their life.

The images on the right shows how the child or young person's will interact through YOU.

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Who is it for and how does it help?



  • A better understanding of their history and why they came into care
  • Able to view content that their siblings and families post through the Caring Community website
  • Able to easily provide information to their carers and caseworkers, such as their likes and dislikes, allowing them to be better supported
  • Provides a safe place to store documents, photos and memories, so they're not lost between placements




  • Better understanding of how a child is feeling so can work with that to get them more involved in their care
  • Better quality information coming from the child or young person
  • Organising contact visits will be easier when the child or young person can see those upcoming visits



  • An alternative way of interacting with the child or young person
  • Parents can be kept up to date with their child's progress
  • Family members can easily share photos, stories and history with the child or young person, carer and caseworker



  • Can better understand the child or young person's needs
  • Critical medical information is more easily accessible
  • Better understanding of child's history
  • Can more easily help with and monitor Life Story work