Caring Community

Caring Community

The Caring Community website enables carers, families, significant others, and service providers such as teachers to add and view content about children in care. The more information carers know about a child before they come into their care, such as their trauma history, likes, dislikes and routines, the better they can support the child’s transition. The Caring Community will provide parents and carers with information and referral support as they're often not aware of the support services they can tap into (such as parenting programs or mental health counselling).

It's important for birth families and siblings to know what is happening in a child's life. The Caring Community will enable parents and carers to access and easily update medical information such as allergy info, current medication and vaccination status.

Carers often help a child or young person with their Life Story work. Having access to a child’s history, family information and milestones is essential to support this. Allowing some family members to contribute to the Life Story also helps provide a richer life story for the child or young person.

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Who is it for and how does it help?



  • Able to add information such as the child's birth details, photos, stories and memories for Life Story work
  • Provides an opportunity to give input into their child's case plan
  • View and update information on their child's history, family, health, education etc
  • Access to resources and referral services for themselves



  • Multiple perspectives on their Life Story
  • A safe place to message family members
  • Can share their Life Story work with family members and ask them for their input



  • Gather input from family members and carers to inform child's case plan
  • Organise family contact visits between family members and carers
  • Prompt family members and carers to contribute to Life Story work for a child




  • Provides carer with better understanding of child history and relationships through genograms, locations and safety network
  • A calendar allows tracking of children's appointments, family contact visits and case plan tasks
  • Able to message caseworker or families within the Caring Community
  • Able to better support Life Story work