Single view

Single view

The single view will provide a snapshot view of a client record that can be accessed by FACS caseworkers and, in time, other stakeholders including government and non-government organisations, extended family members, carers, and significant others who are involved and authorised in the care and wellbeing of the child.

The single view will be responsive to the user's role and would present information and functionality relevant and pertinent at that point in time. The single view will act as a window to the ChildStory eco-system surfacing relevant information from a diverse set of systems in a user-friendly format.

The images on the right show how the single view works.

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Who is it for and how does it help?



  • Able to share photographs and diary entries with my family
  • Facility to chat to family members about things happening in my life
  • Information available about support available to me




  • Quickly access a child’s record when out of the office
  • Able to know the latest activities in the child’s care
  • Snapshot view of who else is involved in the child’s care

Service providers


  • Able to view the child’s FACS caseworker details
  • Share relevant information with other government agencies about a child
  • Option to share information with the child and family members such as a school report