Training for FACS staff2018-08-15T07:53:24+00:00

If a course is not yet available, it’s under development and will be ready shortly so please, check back. If you are looking for the webinars, click here.  Now that’s sorted, grab a coffee, sit back and let’s get learning!

How to use the ChildStory Mobile App2018-08-13T18:10:32+00:00

This module introduces Caseworkers to the features and functions of the ChildStory Mobile App. Click here to start

Under Construction2018-06-28T12:01:21+00:00
Caring Induction2018-08-06T12:25:07+00:00
Community Actions, Events and Requests2018-08-06T12:35:04+00:00

This module will show you how to assign Actions to Community members and invite them to Events from within ChildStory. You will also learn about the types of Requests Community members can send you, how they are managed in ChildStory and expected response times.

Introduction to You and Caring2018-08-06T12:36:04+00:00

This module will provide you with an introduction to the YOU and Caring Communities. Here you will explore their key functionality and design.

Lifestory in You and Caring2018-08-06T12:36:45+00:00

This module will explore Lifestory in the YOU and Caring Communities. Here, you will learn about how to contribute to and manage a child or young person’s Lifestory from within ChildStory, along with how to export Lifestory posts and attachments.

Provide Access to YOU and Caring Communities2018-08-06T12:32:03+00:00

This module will show you when and how to provide, freeze or disable access from the YOU and Caring Communities from within ChildStory. It will also show you how to connect carers, prospective adoptive parents, parents and other significant people to children and young people.

Sharing Information2018-08-06T12:37:55+00:00

This module will show you what information Community members are given about themselves and others in YOU and Caring. It will also demonstrate how to manually share information with Community members, from within ChildStory.

YOU Induction2018-08-06T12:23:38+00:00

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