Patchwork Patchwork NSW is a smart, secure app for better team collaboration around your clients. It saves time and effort for caseworkers who need to connect with other practitioners across agencies. It allows caseworkers to quickly and easily connect to a new client, and the team already working with that client, [...]


Contact management


Contact between families and children in out-of-home care can be challenging to organise, yet it is so important. Often a time and location for a contact event need to suit many different people and it can be a very time-consuming process to organise. At times, contact is supervised, [...]

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Resource management


Resource management Caseload management has until recently been a manual process requiring a lot of human intervention to monitor cases and tasks to be done. It was time consuming and lacked a standard practice across different business units. The Resource Management Dashboard has been developed and implemented to present case-related [...]

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Reporter The Child Protection Helpline currently receives a large volume of calls from the public and mandatory reporters that do not meet the risk of significant harm (ROSH) threshold. Reporter will be a self-managed online facility. Reporters already have access to tailored information that suggests actions for how [...]


Triage and allocation


Triage and allocation The triage process is localised and involves considerable effort to capture the required information. This information allows FACS to make the best possible allocation decisions, in a timely manner. The triage and allocation tool will provide an easier way to view and collate all required information to [...]

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Referral Management


Referral Management The current referral processes can be very time consuming, involving a lot of duplication and forms. FACS workers need to know what referral services are available for CYPs and families in specific areas. But maintaining a list of all referral services for their area is unmanageable. There [...]

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Single view


Single view The single view will provide a snapshot view of a client record that can be accessed by FACS caseworkers and, in time, other stakeholders including government and non-government organisations, extended family members, carers, and significant others who are involved and authorised in the care and wellbeing of [...]

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Interactive knowledge capture


Interactive knowledge capture The interactive knowledge capture tool enables workers to engage and gain information from children and young people in a fun, interactive and age-appropriate way. It can be used to educate children about the situation they are in and what is going on around them. It facilitates [...]

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Field assessment tools


Field assessment tools For caseworkers to do their jobs more effectively we need to remove the desk-bound nature of the existing system. The field assessment tools will be specifically for use when in the field. Caseworkers will have the ability to capture information from various inputs including voice, images, [...]

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Caring Community


Caring Community The Caring Community website enables carers, families, significant others, and service providers such as teachers to add and view content about children in care. The more information carers know about a child before they come into their care, such as their trauma history, likes, dislikes and routines, the [...]

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