Partner Community Overview


Partner Community Overview This video is for PSP service providers to assist in understanding how ChildStory Partner may be used to retrieve and share information about children and young people in care. Note: some language in this recording will be revised in Dec 18 to align [...]

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Secure Persons Records


Here is an example of a record that has been locked by FACS in the Partner Community. Only those with a work-related reason should access the record. A pop up will also appear when trying to access the record from the Children tab.

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ChildStory is live!


ChildStory successfully went live on November 29 and has rolled out to Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) caseworkers and other staff across NSW. Despite some introductory teething issues, our child protection teams are embracing the system, which is designed in part to streamline their administrative work and [...]

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ChildStory implementation dates


ChildStory is on track for implementation throughout NSW in 2017. The ChildStory IT system will be introduced to the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) districts and state-wide services, including the Child Protection Helpline, over a five-week period in October–November 2017. E-reporting for mandatory reporters will also become [...]

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Improved Mandatory Reporter Guide


The Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG) just got a whole lot easier to use. The MRG supports mandatory reporters in NSW if they have concerns about possible abuse or neglect of a child or young person. On 18 October, the MRG tool (Edition 7) was released and moved from the Keep [...]

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10 amazing things you didn’t know about ChildStory


As we get closer to the release of ChildStory, we are excited to share with you some of its amazing features and benefits.  We're sure you'll agree that some aspects of your job are about to get a whole lot easier!  It's a simpler system that understands and remembers [...]

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Release One to be delivered March 2017


It’s full steam ahead for ChildStory with the program in the midst of its build phase. We’re now into the third of nine build iterations which will see us build components of the ChildStory platform and rapidly test what we’ve built to make sure we deliver a platform that [...]

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ChildStory moves into deployment


ChildStory has celebrated an important milestone with the commencement of the program’s deployment phase. This move takes us one step closer to having ChildStory in the hands of caseworkers, service providers and most importantly children and their families and carers. The journey that has brought us to this point [...]

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