Week 1


This is our first week where the technology providers chosen by our frontline staff are in the building, working alongside our ChildStory team. We have been working with you to design technology that improves the lives of children and young people for over a year, and that work has got [...]

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ChildStory Solutions


We've just selected our preferred ChildStory technologies. This takes us a step closer to supporting child protection practice with better technology. Over the past year, more than 350 frontline FACS staff have worked to design and describe the solutions that'll make a real difference to how they work with [...]

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South Western Sydney Mandatory Reporters


This month, ChildStory team members attended the South Western Sydney Support Mandatory Reporters workshop. One of the ChildStory solutions is a mandatory reporter portal that will provide a simpler method of capturing and submitting the pertinent information relating to the event they are reporting. This workshop was an excellent opportunity [...]

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Welcome to the Safe Home for Life ICT blog


Key messages and principles taken from the event: We design experiences, not programs or services. What matters is the way technology helps kids, their families and care workers to have the best possible experience of the care system.

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