Education partners

Education partners

ChildStory will make it easier for FACS and our education partners (NSW Department of Education, teachers, principals) to share information.

Through the Reporter Community, mandatory reporters can access the updated Mandatory Reporter Guide and from October–November 2017 will be able to e-report concerns about children and young people at risk of significant harm, view the progress of previous reports, and access supporting resources.

From May 2018, designated education staff will be able to see if a child or one of their siblings is known to FACS or is in out-of-home care, allowing greater consideration to risk and safety concerns.

Many paper-based and email interactions will be replaced by the Partner Community from May 2018, allowing:

  • access to, and updating of, education pathway plans
  • sharing of interagency case plans for a child or young person
  • automatic submission of attendance for children or young people in out-of-home care who attend a public school
  • automatic submission of NAPLAN test reports for children or young people in out-of-home care
  • requesting and processing exchange of information through Chapter 16A
  • online referrals for managed cases e.g. Out-of-Home Care Education Coordinators where relevant.