Telling a child’s story

ChildStory is an information technology system which places each child supported by the child protection system at the centre of their story with a network of family, carers, caseworkers and other service providers around them.

We’ve worked directly with the people who work closely with these children to understand what it really takes to work with them. We’ve used this knowledge to build a new IT system to help protect children at risk.

Find out more about the child’s journey and how it is being improved through each component of ChildStory.

Important upcoming changes to ChildStory


ChildStory has now been launched for the Casework Community including the FACS Child Protection Helpline.  In addition, e-reporting for mandatory reporters is now available to the Reporter Community.

In June 2018, YOU and the Caring Community will become interactive for children and young people and their families and carers and our Partner Community will become active for FACS funded service providers, and the health and education sectors.

Casework Community
ChildStory Caring Community


ChildStory began development in September 2014. There will be two releases of ChildStory.

The first release commenced on 29 November 2017 for:

  • All FACS caseworkers

  • The Child Protection Helpline

  • Mandatory Reporters

The second release of ChildStory in mid 2018 will include functionality for:

  • Non-government Service Providers

  • FACS Contracts and Payments Staff

  • Children and Young People

  • Families and Carers

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