Release One to be delivered March 2017

It’s full steam ahead for ChildStory with the program in the midst of its build phase.

We’re now into the third of nine build iterations which will see us build components of the ChildStory platform and rapidly test what we’ve built to make sure we deliver a platform that truly reflects and supports the complexity and importance of our daily work.

We are also finalising our schedule and are thrilled to announce that Release One of ChildStory will be delivered to FACS from late March 2017 with a staged rollout across the state over eight weeks.

The teams building the platform are made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds including designers, business analysts, subject matter experts and programmers. Over the next few months, they will work together in small teams and build all the parts of ChildStory, from Intake to Leaving Care.

As these parts are developed, we will share and test the prototypes with our users such as frontline staff and service providers, and ask for their feedback.

Over the last few months we’ve been testing a range of new concepts and functionality (including timelines, genograms and ecomaps) with our frontline people within our lead districts.  We’re happy to say that the feedback has been really encouraging.

By building ChildStory in sections, and engaging with users throughout the entire build, we will ensure we are building a tool to empower our people to deliver better outcomes for children and their families.

However, while we’re building ChildStory we encourage everyone to use Patchwork – a smart, secure web-app. Patchwork allows frontline staff to quickly and easily connect with other practitioners working with the same client.  We are thrilled that more than 4400 practitioners, including over 1800 FACS caseworkers, are using Patchwork for better team collaboration. Would you like to learn more about Patchwork?


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