10 amazing things you didn’t know about ChildStory

As we get closer to the release of ChildStory, we are excited to share with you some of its amazing features and benefits. 

We’re sure you’ll agree that some aspects of your job are about to get a whole lot easier!

  1.  It’s a simpler system that understands and remembers the important information, so no more filling in the same information again and again
  2.  Admin tasks will be so much easier with improved printing, spell check and calendar & email integration
  3.  Designed for busy people on the move, ChildStory will work on mobile devices and give you access to the information you need, wherever you are
  4.  Advanced tools will enable you to share info about cases with your peers and service providers to work collaboratively in real time
  5.  Integrated contracts, payments and case management mean one place for all work with NGOs
  6.  Better tools will allow you to automatically redact and collate court documents
  7.  Knowledge articles will link you to practice guidance and guide you in the right direction
  8.  Personalised portals for NGO partners, family and carers, caseworkers, children and mandatory reporters to make their own unique contribution
  9.  Automatic genogram generation tools will help you understand existing relationships and help uncover new ones
  10.  A Digital Life Story Work will allow children to keep a hold of things that are important to them



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