ChildStory is live!

ChildStory successfully went live on November 29 and has rolled out to Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) caseworkers and other staff across NSW.

Despite some introductory teething issues, our child protection teams are embracing the system, which is designed in part to streamline their administrative work and free-up more time for frontline casework.

It took three weeks to introduce ChildStory to every FACS district and all state-wide services. E-reporting became available to mandatory reporters through the Reporter Community portal in week three.

ChildStory is the biggest change in almost 15 years to the IT system used for child protection in NSW.  Our sincere thanks to the caseworkers, administration staff, managers and everyone across FACS who have supported this important change.

Its launch is thanks to the hard work of many people, including those we consulted who work closely with children supported by the child protection system. We talked to them about what was really needed – and used this knowledge to build an IT system to help protect children at risk.

While it is exciting to launch ChildStory, there are more features and benefits to come from the new system.

The ChildStory Partner Community is scheduled for introduction to non-government child protection service providers, police, and the health and education sectors in May (2018). It will replace the Contracting Portal for all service providers with some additional functionality for out-of-home care service providers and targeted services (Brighter Futures, Youth Hope, Intensive Family Preservation and Intensive Family Based Services).

At the same time, we will launch a mobile application for FACS caseworkers, interactivity for young people through YOU, and access for family and carers through the Caring Community.



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