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The ChildStory program

ChildStory is much more than just a casework management IT system. ChildStory will allow everyone involved in a child’s life to easily contribute to the child’s online records. And importantly, the child or young person, depending on their age, will have direct access to their own record and, if they have a FACS caseworker, a convenient way to contact their caseworker and be more involved in the development of their own case plan.

Benefits of ChildStory

  • Children and their families having easier access to more information

  • FACS caseworkers having better tools so they can spend more time working with children and families

  • Service provider organisations working more closely with FACS, sharing information and coordinating care so every child gets the attention they deserve

ChildStory is not just a replacement of a number of existing technology systems but also a significant expansion of the digital toolkit available to FACS caseworkers and the Child Protection Helpline, service providers, families, carers and children.

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