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Field assessment tools

For caseworkers to do their jobs more effectively we need to remove the desk-bound nature of the existing system. The field assessment tools will be specifically for use when in the field.

Caseworkers will have the ability to capture information from various inputs including voice, images, text, video and engagement tools. This information will subsequently be available in the case management system, negating the need for laborious data entry when returning to the office. Caseworkers will have the ability to complete assessments and provide an evidence-based decision for the child or family.

The images on the right shows how the field assessment tools will work.

Download an information pack

or view a click-able prototype (Use password: SHFL)

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Who is it for and how does it help?



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Caseworker can gather their input more easily for case planning
Engagement tools can help children discuss feelings
Able to take photos of the child for Life Story work



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Able to capture information in the field and automatically upload to the system
Able to conduct assessments in the field and capture a child’s or family member’s digital signature
All engagement tools, referral information and practice resources are available digitally in the field



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Field assessment allows for more engaging interactions in their own home
Provides immediate access to resources and research on topics that arise during discussion
More interactions can occur in their own homes, benefiting people with mobility issues such a physical disability



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