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Interactive case plan

Once children become involved in the child protection system, a case plan is developed to help caseworkers address safety issues based on comprehensive assessments.

[quote]If children, carers, families, and service providers can provide information, we gain a more holistic understanding of a child’s needs.[/quote]

It can be difficult for workers to gain information from children. The interactive case plan enables workers to  customise questionnaires to gather information in age appropriate and engaging ways.

The images on the right shows how the interactive case plan works.

Download an information pack
or view a click-able prototype (use password: SHFL)

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Who is it for and how does it help?



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Contribute to their case plan by completing age appropriate questionnaires
Access to an age-appropriate view of their case plan
View and track their achievements against objectives and tasks




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Gathers input from the child, family members, carers, and other service providers to provide a holistic view of the child’s needs
Builds a case plan from both prepopulated and customised tasks
Provides a case plan history



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Can provide information to caseworkers on the needs of a child or young person
View tasks assigned to a child and so can help them meet their case plan objectives
View their own tasks and objectives within the case plan



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