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Referral Management

The current referral processes can be very time consuming, involving a lot of duplication and forms. FACS workers need to know what referral services are available for CYPs and families in specific areas. But maintaining a list of all referral services for their area is unmanageable. There is a need to provide services that match the family needs as documented in the case plan.

Referral Management will simplify the referral process for caseworkers and service providers. This will mean that agencies are able to more easily manage their referrals and so clients will be better matched to a provider meaning they are more likely to achieve a successful outcome.

The images on the right shows how the Referral Management tool works.

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Who is it for and how does it help?



[unordered_list style=”bullet5″]

Ability to better matched a child’s needs with the right service
More likely to achieve successful outcomes




[unordered_list style=”bullet5″]

Simplified referral process
less duplication of form filling
Access to a detailed list of services providers in area

[/unordered_list]Service providers


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Ability to view child/young persons information to make a decision on suitability of referral
View the referrals that have been assigned to their organisation
Ability to update our status and provide feedback on existing referrals



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