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The Child Protection Helpline currently receives a large volume of calls from the public and mandatory reporters that do not meet the risk of significant harm (ROSH) threshold. Reporter will be a self-managed online facility. Reporters already have access to tailored information that suggests actions for how a reporter should respond to their event through the Reporter website. This process is based on embedded decision making which should help reduce the volume of calls to the Helpline.

When Reporter is fully implemented, there will be online reporting and a simpler method of capturing pertinent information relating to the event being reported. It will significantly improve the quality and speed of information sharing between FACS and reporters with automated status reports as the report/case transitions through the child protection pathways.

The images on the right shows how Reporter will work.

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or view a click-able prototype (use password: SHFL)[soliloquy id=”1197″]

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Who is it for and how does it help?



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Provides guidance to the mandatory reporter throughout the reporting process
Suggests appropriate actions and resources for non-ROSH reports
Able to access status, outcomes and updates on previous report
Provides mandatory reporters with a history of their reports





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Saves time that previously was spent on non-ROSH reports
Allows more time to investigate ROSH reports
Improved data quality allowing greater ease of data gathering