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Resource management

Caseload management has until recently been a manual process requiring a lot of human intervention to monitor cases and tasks to be done. It was time consuming and lacked a standard practice across different business units.

The Resource Management Dashboard has been developed and implemented to present case-related data in different ways for different user roles. It shows the status of the case and resource allocation helping to improve workflow, work prioritisation and processing times.

The dashboard will be incorporated into the Casework Community.

Learn how the Resource Management Dashboard works.

Download an information pack
or view a click-able prototype (use password FACs2015)

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Who is it for and how does it help?



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Caseworkers will have a clear view of each case task due for a child which will allow them to meet timeframes more easily
Caseworkers will spend less time organising what needs to be done and will have more time to spend working directly with children and young people






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Can easily view the distribution of work within their team
Able to see the status of all cases under their team
View of overdue tasks for each case in their team
Provides the number of cases in their various stages



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Able to see the distribution of work across their district
View of the number of cases in each stage across various CSCs within the



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