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Triage and allocation

The triage process is localised and involves considerable effort to capture the required information. This information allows FACS to make the best possible allocation decisions, in a timely manner. The triage and allocation tool will provide an easier way to view and collate all required information to support allocation decisions. This will create a more efficient way to assign cases taking into consideration the capacity at each Community Service Centre (CSC).

Digitising the allocation decision pathways (and outcomes) will provide valuable analytical data, that can be used to identify which actions, programs and services will produce the best outcomes for children and families.

The images on the right shows how the triage and allocation tool works.

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Who is it for and how does it help?



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Able to view a transferred-in list and a dashboard displaying caseworker capacity
Cases automatically prioritised when transferred in
Caseworkers automatically suggested for allocation based on capacity




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Able to add people and their relationship to a child’s record and prominently display persons causing harm
Automatically duplicate siblings reports where the same risks apply
Where sibling reports are not exactly the same, able to customise the report


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