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Caring Community

(for families and carers)

The Caring Community will allow families and carers to access information about their child or young person and contribute to their life story work. Families and carers will also be included in a new system to make organising family contact visits easier.

The Caring Community currently contains an online version of Caring for kids: a guide for foster, relative and kinship carers. It includes information about day-to-day caring, supporting education, staying connected to culture, decision making, online safety, gender identity and the impact of trauma on children and young people. It also has a contact directory for more than 100 organisations that provide information and/or support for carers.

From June 2018, the Caring Community will become interactive for carers and family members.


The Reporter Community currently contains the latest version of the Mandatory Reporting Guide (MRG). Mandatory reporters use the MRG to determine what action should be taken if they have concerns that a child or young person is at risk of being neglected or physically, sexually or emotionally abused. In October–November this year, mandatory reporters will use the Reporter Community to e-report children and young people at risk of significant harm in NSW, view the progress of previous reports, and access supporting resources.