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FACS Funded Service Providers

The Partner Community will support partners that provide permanency and out-of-home care services (under the Permanency Support Program) and/or child protection programs (such as Brighter Futures, Youth Hope, IFBS, IFP) by providing access to information that has, until now, been held in FACS’ systems.

From mid July 2018, all FACS funded service providers that currently access the Contracting Portal will use the new Partner Community. Providers will be able to update contract information, review payments and financial information. If you hold a contracting and finance position at an NGO agency continue to use the Contracting Portal until further advice is received.

Where do I get support?

From the 12th of June, you can contact our support team:

  • Email:ChildStory.Support@facs.nsw.gov.au
  • For urgent queries: 1300 356 696
  • Learning resources have been developed including reference guides and how to videos. These are all available on our website childstory.net.au/training

Permanency Support Program and FACS Funded/Referred Child Protection Services

  • This infographic summarises the changes for providers and how the new tool can support the practice.
  • This Fact Sheet explains the change in more detail and what to expect in preparation for go-live in June 2018. This information is also summarised below.

Please print and circulate these sheets for all staff working on the below programs with FACS.

FACS Funded and Referred Child Protection Services

These child protection services include Brighter Futures, Youth Hope, Intensive Family Preservation and Intensive Family Based Services. Providers will be able to:

  • View real-time client information

  • Request updates to child and parent information

  • Receive referral requests and accept

  • Provide regular updates on the referral

  • Close referrals

For Brighter Futures, the Partner Community will also replace DoCS Connect.

Permanency Support Program

The Referral Management System and the Minimum Data Set will be replaced by the Partner Community for the Permanency Support Program. They will also be able to:

  • View real-time client information

  • Request updates to child and parent information

  • Receive and action placement requests

  • Change a placement

  • Request a transfer or closure of a placement

  • Provide updated case plans (including sub-plans such as health and education plans).

Child protection service providers will continue to use their own casework management system; ChildStory will not provide a casework management system for them.

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