Patchwork is a smart, secure app for better team collaboration around your clients. It saves time and effort connecting caseworkers with other practitioners across agencies.

It allows workers to quickly and easily connect to new clients, and to build the team working around that client, making it easy to contact the entire team with one easy click of a button.

If you want to get involved with Patchwork, contact us here.

14 October 2015: Patchwork Comes To Fairfield [Link]


8 October 2015: Patchwork Meets Weave Youth & Community Services [Link]


14 August 2015: Patchwork NSW [Link]


3 June 2015

Patchwork Video Conference

Three video conferences were run this week in partnership with Education to present Patchwork to Principals, Teachers, Counselors and other frontline education staff across NSW. In total over 80 people attended the presentations on what Patchwork is and how it can help schools better collaborate with local services and each other.


28 April 2015

People at computers using Patchwork

Following a number of recent Patchwork information sessions, Patchwork is now live in three new districts in New South Wales. Murrumbidgee, South West Sydney and Illawarra will be using Patchwork to improve relationships, communication and collaboration throughout public services in the state.


7 April 2015: Patchwork Comes To Murrumbidgee [Link]


2 April 2015

Illawarra Shoalhaven Patchwork

Illawarra Shoalhaven has kick-started the rollout of Patchwork this month with a series of multi-agency briefing sessions in Wollongong, Coniston and Nowra.

Over 70 frontline practitioners across all service sectors came to listen to Jonathan Yeates from FutureGov, the creators behind Patchwork, talk about how Patchwork can make a difference to caseworkers, children and young people.


25 March 2015

Patchwork Murrumbidgee Stats

The Murrumbidgee Team have been busy preparing for Patchwork!


11 December 2014


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