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KiDS vs ChildStory Terminology2018-08-21T13:47:16+00:00

Understand the new ChildStory terminology for KiDS and see what has been retired. Click here to view

Navigating the Partner Community2018-07-23T18:58:30+00:00
Notes & Attachments2018-07-23T18:58:51+00:00

Notes and attachments can be added to various records in the Partner Community. Click here to start

Partner Community Login2018-07-23T18:59:03+00:00

The Partner Community is used by service provider organisations from child protection, health, education and justice sectors to interact with FACS and easily manage casework when working with children, young people and families.

Requesting Access for New Community Users2018-09-03T18:48:50+00:00

To arrange access to ChildStory Partner Community please see our guide. 


Sharing records can only be done by a person with a Managers or Executive level profile in the Partner Community. Click here to start

CAT Assessment2018-08-06T12:41:05+00:00
Placement Needs Assessment2018-09-03T18:57:05+00:00
PSP Partner Overview for Placements2018-11-09T10:06:50+00:00

This video is for PSP service providers to assist in understanding how ChildStory Partner may be used to retrieve and share information about children and young people in care.

Secure Person Records2018-09-03T18:24:47+00:00

Where a child or young person has sensitive information on their record, it will be locked down so only those who have permission are able to access it. If you see the following pop-up appear, please speak to your manager before contacting FACS. Click here to learn more

New Placement2018-09-02T15:10:06+00:00

This module will walk you through the basic steps of creating a New Placement request to FACS.

Case Plans2018-08-13T18:10:06+00:00
Exploring the Service Provider Dashboard2018-07-02T13:41:59+00:00

This course helps Service Providers to navigate around the general dashboard in ChildStory Partner. Click here to start.

Exploring the PSP Dashboard2018-07-02T13:04:18+00:00

This course helps you to navigate around PSP Dashboards in ChildStory Partner. Click here to start.

Verifying PSP Financials2018-07-03T09:58:42+00:00

The module demonstrates the steps required to successfully verify or dispute the costing line items in the PSP financials via Partner Community. Click here to start

Personalised Learning and Support Planning2018-07-23T19:00:11+00:00

This course is for members of Education that receive requests from FACS for information under Chapter 16A and notifications of children that may require Personalised Learning and Support Planning due to changes in their living arrangements. Click here to start

Health Pathways2018-06-09T13:18:54+00:00

This course is for members of Health that receive requests from FACS for information under Chapter 16A, Health Pathways Referrals and notifications of High Risk Birth Alerts. Click here to start

Reports and the Dashboard2018-08-13T17:38:35+00:00

The Partner Community contains custom reports that have been prebuilt and show on your dashboard. This module will show you how to navigate the analytics area of the Partner Community and understand the dashboard on the home page.

Using Filters2018-08-06T12:45:45+00:00
16A Requests2018-07-23T18:55:54+00:00

A 16A request is used when sharing confidential information between agencies. Click here to start

Broadcasts & Placement Requests2018-07-23T18:56:06+00:00

This course will walk you through all the steps to accept or decline a placement request via a broadcast. Click here to start

New Placement Request2018-09-03T19:00:22+00:00

This module will walk you through the basic steps of creating a New Placement request to FACS.

Partner Community Referrals2018-08-15T07:51:16+00:00

This course is for Service Providers who complete referral services for programs such as Intensive Family Preservation (IFP), Intensive Family Based Services (IFBS), Brighter Futures and Youth Hope. Click here to start

Person Service Request2018-07-23T18:59:50+00:00

A person service request is used to request further information or assistance from FACS about a child or young person you are working with, or to update the details of a user in your organisation. Click here to start

Managing User Permissions2018-07-23T19:04:23+00:00

Roles and profiles are assigned to ensure people only have access to relevant records and to protect children’s information. This course will show you how to manage the permissions of users in your organisation.  Click here to start

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