Assessment is the examination of information to identify risk factors and strengths that lead to decisions and judgements about a child or young person’s need for care and protection. It is the process of gathering, organising, analysing and evaluating accurate and relevant information to inform decision-making. Re-assessment is looking at already completed assessments and reassessing that information along with any new information.

There are several assessments/re-assessments that are carried out in child protection, including Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG), Screening & Response Priority Tools (SCRPT), Safety and Risk Assessment (SARA) or Secondary Assessment Stage 2 (SAS2), Family Strengths and Needs Assessment (FSNA) and the Child Assessment Tool (CAT).

Partner agencies such as NSW Health, as well as service providers, also provide other assessment services targeting the child or young person, the family and the carers.

Key Challenges


  • No easy way to contribute to assessments made about their safety

  • Hard to share feelings/concerns with workers

  • Often have to repeat stories to different workers/agencies

  • Scared about being removed from their family


  • Administrative processes and procedures are complex and time consuming

  • A great deal of time out of the office with no access to IT systems

  • Gathering history and information from a variety of sources is time consuming

  • Not enough time to spend building rapport with families to facilitate engagement

Things that will  help


  • Ability to communicate their feelings and needs through interactive knowledge capture

  • Reduced need to repeat their story as frontline staff will know who is working with them through single view/Patchwork

  • Better engagement tools to help interact with their caseworkers


  • More administrative tasks automated

  • Easy access provided to the latest procedures

  • Field assessment tools allow workers to be more productive while out of office

  • Data is automatically gathered from multiple services

  • Access to systems and information is available out of the office

Supporting ChildStory tools

Click on the images below to learn about the ChildStory tools that can be used by carers, young people and caseworkers to support children and young people during an assessment.

Interactive Knowledge Capture: Giving kids a voice

Giving kids a voice

Field Assessment Tools: Putting everything at your finger tips

Putting everything at your finger tips

Proving you with greater insight into caseloads

Triage and Allocation: Pairing Kids with the right caseworker

Pairing kids with the right caseworker

Contact Management: Coordinating contact

Coordinating contact

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