Intervention is the action taken when it is determined by the Department of Family & Community Services (FACS) that a child or young person is in need of care and protection. This may include providing or arranging support services or taking legal action.

Child protection intervention is necessary to provide sufficient safety for the child or young person. The protective intervention stage follows a child protection assessment. FACS uses several assessment tools, the application of which may indicate the need for further intervention that could include providing or arranging support services or taking legal action to ensure the child is safe. Legal action is usually initiated in the Children’s Court but may also include other jurisdictions (i.e. Family Court / Supreme Court).

Key Challenges


  • Difficulty providing input/feedback on decisions made about them

  • Limited understanding about what’s happening

  • Have to repeat stories to different workers/agencies

  • Miss their family, siblings, pets and schools


  • Administrative load is heavy resulting in loss of time with children

  • Difficult to know what is the latest policy and which policy should be followed

  • Not able to see a quick summary of information on previous reports and outcomes

  • Conducting a search of a child’s history and analysing the information is time consuming

  • Difficult to see who is working with and in contact with the child

  • Interviews in the home can be lengthy and hand-written notes need to be entered into the system back at the office

  • No access to information in the system while out of the office

Things that will  help


  • Provide input via their interactive case plan

  • Can communicate their feelings and needs through interactive knowledge capture

  • Know who is working with them

  • Reduced need to repeat their story because of single view and Patchwork NSW

  • Ability to message safe family members

  • Ability to store important memories and pictures in YOU


  • Smarter systems make administrative processes quicker

  • Easy access to the latest policies and procedures

  • Decision-making guides based on policy built into the system

  • Single view of the child provides a summary of the child’s history

  • Ability to view what services are working with the family and the outcomes

  • Ability to capture  and view information while out of the office

  • Simple and efficient way to gather and share information from other agencies

Supporting ChildStory tools

Click on the images below to learn about the ChildStory tools that can support children, workers and families during early intervention.

Reporter Portal : Getting kids the right help

Helping me to maximise my time

Family Portal: Keeping families connected

Keeping families together

Interactive Case Plan: Giving everyone a voice

Giving everyone a voice

Patchwork: Know who's involved

Know who’s involved

Contact Management: Coordinating contact

Coordinating contact

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